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Sociology- Poverty Questionnaire help, sociology homework help

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Review: 30 days and Poverty Articles

Instructions: Answer these questions

1) What is life like living on minimum wage (according to 30 days)? What are the effects on the family? (ie. Relationships, lifestyle).

2) How did a minimum wage job affect the relationship between Morgan and his fiancé?

3) How can welfare reform help us understand poverty and it’s effects on the family?

4) Were there things that Morgan and his fiancé had to give up because they were living on

minimum wage? List 4 things they had to give up?

5) In 30 days, minimum wage jobs determined where Morgan and his fiancé lived. Can you explain this? In other words, finding an affordable place to live comes with other unexpected consequences, can you talk about what these consequences are?

6)What was the purpose of minimum wage, according to the 30 days film? Do you think we should increase minimum wage? Why or Why not?

7)According to the, US Department of Labor the current federal minimum wage is $7.25. If you worked 20 hours a week you would earn $145 a week (no tax) or $580 a month. If you worked 40 hours a week you would earn $ 290 a week (no tax) or $1160 a month.

a) Can you describe what life would be like for a single person living on this much money part time minimum wage? Full time wage?

b) How about what life would be like for a couple w/o children? (part time and full time)

c) A couple with 2 children? (part time and full time)


Please address the following questions after watching: 30days, reading article on Ben Carson.

1.How does our view about poverty shape the public policies that affect poor families?

2.How do these views take shape in the form of policies?

3.How can sociological literature help us better understand how we should treat families in poverty?

Give some examples of policies, viewpoints, and literature.

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