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Procter and Gamble/marketing

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part A

Your post must be at least 1 full page length In-text citations are required to receive credit for academic support. Please use both attachments for part A

part A

read the Management Focus on Procter & Gamble and then answer the following questions:

a. What strategy was Procter & Gamble pursuing when it first entered foreign markets in the period up until the 1980s?

b.Why do you think this strategy became less viable in the 1990s?

c.What strategy does P&G appear to be moving toward? What are the benefits of this strategy? What are the potential risks associated with it?

Fyi..the strategy of procter and gramble can from

Hill, C., & Tomas, H. (2018). Global Business Today (10 ed.). New York, Ny: McGraw-Hill

Part b

Answer from your point of view, experiences, opinion and thoughts

Critics of targeted marketing strategies argue that this practice is discriminatory and unfair, especially if such a strategy encourages a group of people to buy a product or service that may be injurious to them or that they cannot afford.

For example, community leaders in largely minority neighborhoods have staged protests against billboards promoting beer or cigarettes in these areas. However, the National Advertisers argue that banning targeted marketing constitutes censorship and thus is a violation of the First Amendment.

What are your views regarding this issue? Please provide specific supports for your answers.

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