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Do a research project that explores the negative and positive representation of pregnancy, and motherhood in the media?

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We as a culture are consumers of a range of media from books and magazines to films and TV shows.This project should explore the potentially negative and positive representation of pregnancy, birth and motherhood in the media.You will conduct an archival research project on death or aging.The proposal should be focused on the cultural discomfort or comfort with pregnancy and motherhood issues. This is NOT a review of other people’s research as one might do in a term paper. You will be reading other research for your introduction but then you will conduct your own archival analysis of some body of media like films, children’s books, graphic novels, magazines, TV shows, etc.

Requirements for the project:

1.Choose a topic of interest and think about an appropriate option for studying this topic.Topic examples:


A review of books that teach children about birth.The pros and cons.

The representation of pregnant women on television; Is there a high rate of body shaming?

Breastfeeding on sitcoms; what are the underlying messages about breastmilk?

2.Find 5 articles (at least three of these articles must be articles from scientific journals, not articles from magazines) on the particular topic which will be summarized in your paper.A copy of each article must be turned in with the project paper.

3.Based on your readings, design your project.

4.Conduct Your Project.Students should arrange a meeting to discuss project results with the instructor before the presentation on the last day of class.

The project will consist of 5 sections and appropriate graphics presented as a paper and submitted through turn it in.

Section 1.An introduction should be written consisting of a summary of the articles. This will provide the reader with a more extensive background for the topic.

Section 2.This section should focus on the students’ project purpose, and the students’ hypotheses.This should include a description of the purpose the project, and the students’ expectations about the project results.

Section 3. Each write-up should describe the method used to complete the project.This will provide the reader with a “how to” framework on the project’s design.The materials and procedures used to complete the project should be outlined (include copies if appropriate). This should include a detailed description of the scoring system used to evaluate the media chosen.This is critically important.

Section 4. Each write-up should briefly describe results obtained at the project’s completion.This would include any observations made during the project and the totals and averages of the data that were obtained.Graphs and tables should be used to make the results easy to understand.

Section 5.Each write -up should include the students’ reactions and conclusions.This section of the write-up should answer the following questions: Did the results match the hypotheses? What was particularly interesting about the project?How did the project help the students gain understanding of issues in relation to course topics?


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