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do a paraphrase for the answers

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Q1. Which global strategy lever do you think is the most universally important across companies, and why? Which is the least important, and why?

A1. I believe that the Item offering is the most vital worldwide system lever as accomplishment of an organization, its piece of the overall industry, focused position and technique et cetera in any market relies upon it. If the organizations can’t make their item or offering according to the tastes of the nearby individuals then the whole promoting exertion can fizzle.

Q2. Do you think your answers in question l will change over time; if so, how?

A2. Promoting may remain as the slightest vital contrasted with the other four levers, yet the most Important lever could change. Market creation and focused moves are very important with regards to firms contending all around.

Q3. FedEx emphasizes supply chain management the least in driving its corporate global strategy. But, it is viewed as a supply chain company-perhaps even a transportation company. Why do you think the other global strategy levers are more important for FedEx?

A3. They see it as putting alternate levers at the fore front of their procedure to accentuate the importance. FedEx comprehends they are a store network organization, and are extremely fruitful in their business around the globe. Putting the other four levers about allows them to concentrate on the ranges where FedEx feels they must make strides. Q4. Microsoft is known for making competitive moves globally but competitive moves its least emphasized strategy lever why do you think that is the case?A4. Microsoft perhaps attempting to remain under the radar with regards to their systems. Not emphasizing aggressive moves could be a focused move they are making. Microsoft has dependably had a shrewd method for working together, and that is the reason they are one of the most successful organizations on the planet.

Q5. If you could work for one of the 10 companies shown in the bar chart based their global strategy makeup, which company would it be. and why?

A5. I would pick Nokia because they put the most accentuation on promoting and supply chain management. Promoting is a critical piece of rivaling firms the world over.

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