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Assignment Person Project on Change Mastery within mid-level manager “Looking for Robert F”

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Parts of the Personal Project: I HAVE CONDUCT THE INTERVIEW WITH TWO MID-LEVEL MANGERS. Paper must have Introduction, Conclusion, APA format, Time Rome, 12 Font, and 7-9 papers, with references for text book Leadership from inside out, and other websites. (Will upload interview from both person, The thinking Habits of Mind, Heart and Imagination) once bid

Develop leadership interview questions about Change Mastery in Mid-level leader.

Write up findings of your two interviews with leaders at your chosen level.

Analyze the data from the interviews demonstrating leadership theory and application.

Relate your interview experience to the New Business Realities and The Thinking Habits of Mind, Heart, and Imagination.

Prepare a report of your interviews to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of this mastery change in Mid-level leadership and other leadership theory, keeping in mind that it will serve as a foundation on which to build the team project.

Preliminary Interview

Develop an interview protocol based on the model presented in the chapter on Change Mastery . Within mid-level manager contract with two people to interview. Explain who you are, what you are doing, what leadership mastery (Change) and how you will use the interview material.

Interview Narrative

Write up a thorough description of what happened in your interview experience. Write the story from beginning to middle to end. The story should integrate the following elements:

1.Whom did you interview and what was your contract?

2.What were your questions? (Use the worksheet from the chapter on your mastery topic in the Cashman text as a guideline.)

3.A summary of your findings from each question including best stories and quotes in each interviewee’s words and some themes that seem to pervade both interviews.

Analysis of Interviews

After you write the interviews in narrative format, you will analyze the experience in the context of leadership theory and the common learning themes of the program: New Business Realities and The Thinking Habits of Mind, Heart, and Imagination.

Topics to be addressed in your analysis include the following:

1.Leadership theory: Summarize the leadership theory that you used to develop your questions. Analyze how the questions and the data support your chosen leadership theories. You might use Servant Leadership, Kevin Cashman, Margaret Wheatley, or articles from the Center for Creative Leadership, Leadership stage theory, from Novatons, and other sources. Demonstrate your understanding of your chosen Mastery (Personal, Purpose, Change, Interpersonal/Being, Balance or Action). Use examples from your interviews to demonstrate your mastery topic.

2.What did you learn as an interviewer? Write a section on your learning as an interviewer. What seemed to work? What did not work? And what would you do differently next time? How would you change your contract or your explanation of your leadership topic, the medium you chose, or your behavior during the interview, to enhance the quality of your data?

3.New Business Reality: Did the interview reflect the dynamics of transformational change in complex systems in the change mastery questions?
Thinking Habits: Did the interview encourage professional self-development through conversational reflection in the questions on Personal Mastery?

4.Summary Statement. Think about your experience interviewing leaders at this level. Describe the primary lessons you gained from this experience, the value of interviewing leaders and the impact this approach has to leadership development. Include your recommendations to your organization about the development of leaders at this level and on this mastery topic and the use of interviews to propel personal development. How bias is one disadvantage of interview. Was there any surprises?

**Score Board requirement**

Provides summary of interview findings from the interviews in a way that highlights the important points.

Analyzes how the data from the interviews supports leadership theories and uses metaphors and specific examples to clarify conclusions

Analyzes the relevance of the concepts from New Business Realities and Thinking Habits to the interview experience.

Reflects on and critically assesses the experience as an interviewer.

Recommends leadership development initiatives for leaders at a specific level and provides suggestions for implementation.

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