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Write a 4-5 page paper double spaced about the book three little words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter.

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Write a 4-5 page paper double spaced about the book three little words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter and reflect on her experience through answering the following questions.

A.) What are the three little words that the title of the book refers to? Are these the words that you expected? Why are they so significant to Ashley and the story?

B.) Do you think Ashley would change these words if she could? Explain your answer.

C.) After Gay and Phil adopted Ashley, she spent a lot of time doing things that would anger her adoptive mother. Why did she act this way toward Gay and not Phil?

D.) How did Gay’s reaction to her behavior affect Ashley?

E.) Why did Ashley eventually stop these negative behaviors?

F.) Child welfare workers removed Ashley and her brother from their mother to keep them safe. Did you agree with this? Did it work? What solutions would you propose?

G.) In what ways would they have been better off with their mother?

H.) Reflect on the title and the impact that multiple foster care placements has on children. How did reading this memoir expand your view on foster care/ adoption/ maltreatment?

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