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Watch high noon (due assignment)

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Watch the movie “High Noon.” It is available at the Swank video database.

Watch the movie and answer the following questions. When you watch, keep track of the time stamp, which is when something in the movie happened.

No time stamps is a withdrawal.

1. This film is a transition Western, as discussed in class. Provide a few examples in the plot (you don’t have to provide each instance something happens, but one, such as “The sheriff acts like THIS in the movie, including in the first scene TIME STAMP). Also, provide elements that make up a classic Western and a modern Western.

2. The film often is considered both anti-American and pro-American. Provide at least five total examples (it can be two of one and three of the other) in the film (include the last climactic moment in the final minute).

3. After you watch the movie, Watch the Video in the link below and comment whether you agree or not with John Wayne.

4. Provide three examples of three shots during the movie you like the most and why? Time stamp them.

5. Talk about real time versus movie time and provide examples of why you like or do not like the use of real time.

Please follow ALL directions, and dont forget the time stamps 🙂


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