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USA electoral institutions. exactly 5 pages

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Exactly 5 pages. Only use the resources below please. will pay more $10 for the good job if i get A

Recall the many topics we have discussed this semester. These include, inter alia, franchise, balloting processes, electoral systems and a host of other topics. In your view, which features of United States electoral institutions and processes contribute most towards enhancing the quality of our democratic governance? Which features detract from the quality of our democratic governance? What reforms do you suggest to further our democratic aspirations? Your response should reflect an awareness of relevant American political thought, history and ideals.


* San Francisco Voter Instructions for Ranked Choice Voting (

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* Francis Neely and Jason McDaniel “Overvoting and the Equality of Voice under Instant-Runoff Voting in San Francisco” California Journal of Politics and Policy. 7(4) 2015.

* Selections from the Record of the Federal Convention of 1787.

* Alexander Hamilton Letter to James Wilson 25 January, 1789

* Gouverneur Morris Letter to President of New York Senate, 25 December, 1802

* James Madison Letter to George Hay, 23 August, 1823

* John F. Bibby and Brian F. Schaffner Politics, Parties and Elections In America, pp. 274-284

* James Madison Federalist Paper No. 10

* Alexander Hamilton Speech at the New York Ratifying Convention. June 21, 1788

* Richard J. Ellis Democratic Delusions Chapters 2 & 5

* Constitution of the State of Missouri Gregory Casey and Justin Dyer A Guide to the Missouri Constitution pp. 74-75

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