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The Behavior Analysts Ethical Responsibilities to Society and Delivering the Eth

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Each questions needs to be answered independently and they
only need to be 350 words.

Question #1

In today’s modern world, telepsychology has become a real
option for many practitioners. Discuss the issue of telepsychology, and briefly
describe two of the six ethical concerns which are listed on p. 174 of your
textbook. Provide a case study example of how you would engage in
telepsychology as per the BCBA Disciplinary and Ethical Standards, and describe
how you could work around the two ethical issues which you identified.

question #1 (page 174 1:2).png

question #1 (page 174 2:2).png

Question #2

On p. 261–262 of your text, there is a sample declaration
of ethical practice statement that can be used by behavior analysts. Edit this
statement and tailor it to represent your own beliefs and the standards of
practice which you will work to uphold when you begin to work in the
field. What areas will you change or edit, and why? After
reviewing the link from the BACB to the Disciplinary and Ethical Standards and
Disciplinary Procedures, how might you change this once more?  Any final

question #2 (page 161 1:2).png

question #2 (page 161 2:2).png

question #2 (page 162 1:1).png

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