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Persuasion: Who, What, To Whom 3 to 4 pages

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Feenstra (2013) states, “In evaluating persuason we need to take into
account where the message comes from, what the message contains, and the
intended audience.” (p. 167).

For your assignment this week, construct a paper that provides an
in-depth analysis of the three parts of persuasion. Address the
following points in your paper:  

1. Who – Describe the Characteristics of the Persuader:
What influences our ability to become persuaded by someone? What
specific characteristics must this person possess? Be sure to address
the impact of credibility, physical attractiveness, and likeability in
your response. Why do we respond well to those who possess such
characteristics? Would we respond the same to an unattractive, angry, or
non-credible person? Why not?

2. What – Discuss the Characteristics of the Message: What attributes
are inherent in persuasive messages? How are we influenced by the
emotion, framing, narratives, and rational appeals in the messaging we
receive? What is the significance of the sleeper effect?

3. To Whom – Examine the Characteristics of the Audience: Why do
different audiences perceive messages in different ways? What is the
role of culture, gender, and self-esteem in this process? How does the
elaboration likelihood model help to explain the relationship between
the persuader, the message, and the audience?

Include an introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion. Your
completed assignment must be three to four pages in length (excluding
title and reference pages), and must follow APA guidelines 

Include a minimum of three references.

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