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Education & Teaching Question

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– Analyzing and Applying Student Input

In your Module 1 Analysis, you designed a 12-item survey to evaluate selected motivational perceptions and behaviors of your students.

  • View/Download the Template Tables (DOC) for use in this assignment
  • Include all parts in a single submission document.

Part 1: Administer the Student Survey

Step 1. Use the Student Survey you created in the Module 1 Analysis, to administer a group of students,

-Then also complete the survey from your role as a student at American College of Education.

-Use the same 5-point rating scale to score your results.

Part 2: Summarize the Result.

Step 2. Create an Excel spreadsheet of survey results.

***Tutorials for using the program are available: Digital Learning Connections Resources and Tips.

Step 3. Calculate the average scores using the same method you used for the Teacher Survey Summary Chart:

***To obtain the average score for each subcategory, add all the scores for each question, and then divide that number by the number of students who recorded scores, and then again by the number of questions in that subcategory.

Step 4. In your Word document, construct a Student Survey Summary chart and summarize the results of your students’ scores and the results of your self-assessment survey from your role as a student at American College of Education. You may use the template provided in the Template Tables document (linked above), or recreate the chart yourself.

Part 3: Analyze the Results

Step 5. Compose a 4- to 5-page essay (not including title and references pages) in APA format.

Compose an introduction and conclusion for your essay.

Use the questions below to guide your essay, and write a well-developed paragraphs for each question:

  • Summarize the results of your students’ surveys.
  • Summarize the results of your self-assessment survey from your role as a student.
  • What is your personal achievement goal orientation?
  • How do you perceive the goal structure in your classroom at American College of Education?
  • How do perceptions, beliefs, and strategies affect your role as a student?
  • How can you use the results from your students’ surveys and your self-assessment survey to improve teaching and learning in your classroom?

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