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Discussion Question need help

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Discussion Question

  • The issues of internal and external validity and bias are
    important for researchers to address throughout the research
    process.They have a synergistic relationship as researchers need to have
    both internal and external validity in order to make causal claims
    (cause and effect) in the study.However, when increasing one it often
    reduces the other and vice versa.For this discussion question, review
    the information on external and internal validity and bias .If you had
    to make a choice in your study, which would you rather sacrifice:
    internal or external validity.Why (provide specific examples of topic or

    addition, expand your answer into the area of personal bias.Since
    research is designed to answer or address questions of fact, does that
    mean that researcher bias has no influence on the process or
    findings?Can the scientific method eliminate researcher bias?Why or why
    not?Use specific examples and information to support your points

    Your answer should be 100-150 words

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