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Counterargument writing-jwu

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Word count: 350, use the essay to write this essay.

In an effective argumentative essay, you’ll need at least one counterargument (and you can always have more than one!) Make sure you’ve read and understood the lesson on Counterargument, then respond to the prompt.

1) Briefly summarize the main argument of your Essay #2. What Policy/Course of Action are you trying to convince a skeptical reader to agree is an effective solution to your food justice problem?

2) Briefly describe at least three different objections to your essay (remember – objections are any likely disagreements with any part of your argument; it doesn’t just have to be a person disagreeing with your thesis directly – think about any potential answer to your Question at Issue that’s different than your own).

3) Of the three objections / points of skepticism: which is most likely to occur to someone in your audience? Why? Who (person or types/groups of people) would make that argument?

4) Explain why you do not find the objection/point of skepticism described in #3 persuasive or a fair concern. In other words, if you were talking to someone and they made the argument described in #3, what would you say to convince them to agree with you?

To Full Minimum Requirements for this Thread:

1) Your Initial Post must be a minimum of 350 words, total.

2) Your initial post must address all four parts of the prompt directly and clearly.

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